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Now lets get to business and face some facts here ok.

In today’s market, competition for people’s attention is at an all time high. With marketing online, television, radio, and in print people are subjected to marketing messages all day long. And quite frankly they are becoming blind to it.

But one thing that is increasing everyday is their use of the internet to find information.

Or to locate a local business in their area for a product or service.

Whether it be a dentist or a sofa.

Before they buy, 94% of people are doing research online. And if your business is not online your losing money.

Your a smart business person and you already know that.  So you have this great website setup and your paying for ads to help promote it and get people to it.

After all that is what most people are doing and its working for them right? Well, yes and no.

You see pay per click ads can be really expensive.  For example, if your a DUI lawyer your paying close to $19.00 a click.

And there is no real guarantee that you will even get a new client from that.  Plus your ad is competing with the ads of other businesses everyday, for only 3% of the traffic that comes in from the search engines.

Let that sink in a bit.

Your paying for only 3% of the traffic that come from your chosen keywords.

If your a restaurant owner how long are you going to be able to keep paying those costs.

Especially with no guarantee of a return on your investment.

Plus your profit margins probably are not all that high, so you need to keep your costs down.

Now think about this golden nugget.

A business that is practicing quality local search engine optimization is getting 45% of that traffic if they are the first listing on page one of Google.

And they are getting that traffic for free.

So if your site is ranking for a word that is getting 10,000 searches a day.

Your website stands to get 4500 visitors a day.

Could you imagine having to pay for that amount of visitors.

Our DUI Lawyer in our example above would have to pay $85,000 a day.

This is where affordable search engine optimization comes into play.

These days Google and Bing are using your customers information to provide them information. And if your using local seo services, your listing is more likely to show up in their search results.

Google and Bing do this because they know people are looking for a solution to a problem. And the best way to do that is to offer solutions close to home.

Wouldn’t you love your business to be that solution!

In order to do that you will have to push your company and its website into the field of vision of the consumers.

Make them pay attention to what you have to offer.

However, to do this you will have to know how to work with the search engines.  These are the main sources that will help to increase the visibility of your website.

The customers, waiting to buy products and services, are out there looking for you.  If you have the ability to make the search engine bring up your website, success is yours.

local search engine optimization

How to make the search engines work for you?

Every time a potential customer logs on to the internet and searches, it provides an opportunity for sales.

If you are selling baby food then every search made for “baby food” can present an opportunity for you to get a customer.

Even those who are searching for baby dresses and other baby products could be potential customers.

This is because they could be parents or friends of people with babies.

They certainly relate to a baby in some way if they happen to be searching for baby products.

Use this chance to promote your product.

I know that I have got your interest, but maybe you are not sure about how to make your website more search engine friendly.

That is why we are here.

We at Olympia SEO, the best SEO firm Seattle has, can make your business a roaring success by providing the best quality SEO services.

Your website will appear high on the search result page after we work on it with the local search engine optimization.

If you are not sure about local SEO services or are new to this concept, read ahead to find out more about how we could jump start your growth.

What Do SEO Excellent Services Provide?

SEO services are described as a technique of manipulating the textual content of a website to ensure a place in the top region of the search result.

While maintaining the persuasive quality and credibility of the content.  Basically all the techniques of SEO optimization the efficiency of your website.

Did not understand much of the technical explanation given above?  Then here is a simple explanation for the whole concept of SEO services and how it works.

When a search is made the words that are typed into the search engine are called keywords.

The search engine scans through all the websites and displays those containing these keywords onto the results page.  This is why it is necessary to make your website keyword friendly.

If you are selling books for children then all the keywords that might interest you would be kids, children, book, education, worksheets, grades, school, activities, hobbies etc.  You may have already got the idea that these would be the words that parents and teachers would use to search for products like children’s books.

If your websites contain a sentence like “the best of children’s books, worksheets, hobbies and activities for all grades and ages”, then the search engine will pick up your site when any of the above mentioned keywords are used to search.

This means that your website has been optimized in a manner that will make the search engine chose it over other websites.

This is called on-page search engine optimization.

Keywords can be added to the metadata of the website.

This can include both the meta description and the title tag.

There is no better method to increase the relevancy of the search listings on the site.

Many different techniques can be used to increase the visibility and prominence of your site.

The best methods that can be used are cross linking the pages your website.

This will increase the number of links and will directly improve the visibility levels.

Finally, including high quality content written specifically for the keywords that are frequently searched.

This has been found to be a useful and efficient method of increasing traffic.

But this is only half the battle.

Your going to need off-page seo as well.

Have you ever been to a website or social media site like Facebook and seen links to websites?

I am sure you have.

The term for those links is called “back links”.

There are many ways to describe them.  But just consider them a vote for your website.  And like in an election, the more votes you have, the higher your going to rank.  Not all votes are created equal.

Your going to need votes from high quality websites, we can get them for you.

how we can help

What Can We Do For You?

The very first thing that we do it fully examine your present website to make sure everything is ok.

We will examine every page on your site and let you know what needs to be done to it in order to make sure the on page optimization is perfect.

Any errors or suggestions that we make will be sent to you in a detailed report that you can take to your website developer and get fixed.

Don’t worry, most developers are good about getting on-page right so you most likely won’t have to many issues to address.

And that is what you paid your developer for in the first place right!

Then we will create your off page seo campaigns.

Each campaign is set up from scratch to target your optimal visitor.

Our team is highly trained and fully equipped with the latest online marketing knowledge and tools to help you with your campaigns.

All of the promotion steps are done by hand in-house to maximize long term effectiveness.

Once you place your order you will be allocated a project manager who will work with you.

We have a highly effective team and have been providing high level marketing services to elite business owners since 2007.

How Our Campaigns Get You Results

We start with your key phrases and use them to create unique content.

We then distribute your useful content to high value websites so that they can find our more about you.

Placing great content in the right places makes your website more important and usually it will rank higher in the search engines.  Be sure to have high value content on your website before your get started with us.

If you don’t we can help you get it up as quickly as possible.

If you need help selecting the right keywords, we will do this for you so you get attention for the right ones.

Our promotion efforts spread your custom content across several mediums giving you excellent diversification (we use video, articles, press releases, bookmarks, blogs, RSS feeds and more) so you get broad exposure pushing your site higher in front of buyers.

Our focus is on quality and results.

No Contracts

Since we get results within weeks our packages are available as one-time or recurring monthly ‘dosages’ for consistent exposure.

Reporting higher search positions over time gives you an unassailable advantage over your competition.

When you get the positioning you want it take less effort to maintain it.

You can stop your package at any time by asking your project manager.

You are in control.

Learn more about how our marketing service works and see what we need from you to get the content prepared.

This is the fast and low cost way to achieve first page ranking for your search phrase and get more traffic even if you don’t know the first thing about online marketing.Find Out How It Works