SEO This Week EP10 – Old School Media, SEO Tips, and PPC

SEO This Week Episode 10

Why Traditional Media Still Delivers Value in the Digital Marketplace

traditional mediaThere’s an assumption today that no one is using traditional media anymore. In truth, the market has become highly fragmented and consumers rely on multiple sources of information to make purchase decisions. Those include both traditional and digital media — this is what the data show. Read More Here

Our Insights:  We will be the first to admit that we had written off the hard copy of the Yellow Pages as a lead generation tool for our business.  One of the ways we start the conversation about digital marketing is to show a Yellow Pages phone book and ask people when was the last time that they used it.  Then, we show them the home page of Google and ask them the same question.  Obviously, they use Google more, however, according to the data in this story we are potentially walking away from people who are 87% likely to make a purchase.  On top of that, 71% of people use the book to find local businesses.  So, time to open it up and find out how to make a Yellow Pages ad.

11 Last-Minute SEO Tips to Get Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Search Engine Journal Last-Minute SEO Tips to Get Ready for Black Friday and Cyber MondayRegardless of whether or your website is strictly e-commerce or the digital face of your brick and mortar business, a strong web presence is a must – especially if you want to appeal to customers on the two biggest holiday sales of the season, Black Read More Here

Our Insights:  First, if you just now thinking about doing SEO for Black Friday and Cyber Monday you may be a bit late to the party.  Before, it used to be pretty easy to rank quickly, however, these days that is just not the case.   At least not when targeting terms that are popular.  Anyway, this article presents some other ideas beyond SEO that can help you drive traffic to your business or online store to leverage the holidays.

How Many Hashtags Should You Use in a Tweet? A New Study Reveals This and More that you overuse hashtags? Underuse them? This study reveals how many hashtags are most effective to use on the top social media sites. Read More Here

Our Insights:  We have used hashtags with some success when performing social media marketing on Twitter.  We call it “hashtag jacking” (we made it up) which is basically finding relevant hashtags (preferably those that are trending) and start engaging in conversations with people who are using the tag.  We also create our own tweets related to both our business and the topic in order to generate some brand awareness.  This works great as a way to generate followers naturally, as well as, get more engaged in your markets community.  This article highlights some data points about hashtags that you may find helpful when drafting your own or leveraging someone else's.

6 Simple Email Marketing Tips: Are You on the Money? who buy products marketed to them via email spend a whopping 138% more than people outside the email marketing campaign. With figures like that, email is a channel your business can’t afford to ignore. So why is email marketing so valuable? Read More Here

Our Insights:  Email marketing is a staple of many business plans.  Online marketers are in a great position to reach a lot of people in a short period of time on demand as long as they have taken the time to nurture the relationships you have with your email list.  That said, while everyone can benefit from an email list, not everyone needs one.  You need to look at your business plan and see how important recurring customers are versus one and done product or service offerings.  If your product or service depends on that recurring purchase relationship, make an email list.  This article talks about how to leverage that list much better with a few simple easy to follow rules.

3 Cool Things to Know About Facebook Lead Ads

FaceBook Lead AdsFacebook Lead Ads is a unique form of Facebook advertising that can help you generate leads right from the News Feed. But how do Facebook Lead Ads work and can they actually help your marketing? Here are three things you may not know about running Lead Ads on Facebook. Read More Here

Our Insights:  We are a ReachLocal partner and we love looking at their dashboard to figure out how well our clients campaigns are doing and the type of conversions we are getting from our PPC efforts.  However, we have never tried their integration with FaceBook Lead Ads.  That said, this article gives you some ideas on how you can build your client list with FaceBook Lead Ads pretty quickly.  This would be good if you are looking to generate leads to put into your sales pipeline quickly in order to fill a lull in orders or to keep your team busy during the holidays.

Mastering PPC: 4 Tips for Targeting the Right Location

PPC Location Targeting

This is the second part of our eight-part series on mastering PPC.  When running a PPC campaign, you need to consider which locations you’re going to target in order to be successful. Here are four tips for determining locations to target: 1. Identify Where You Conduct Business Do you go to your customers or do they come to you? If you go to your customers, how far can you travel until your ROI starts to drop off? Read More Here

Our Insights:  All of our client campaigns start with a targeted Google AdWords Click to Call campaign to determine the true interest in our target areas for a client's services or product.  This article is short and sweet, it goes over the things you need to consider when setting up a hyper-targeted search PPC campaign like we do.

Who Predicted Future of “Local” in 2016? Call for 2017 Predictions

2017 Local Marketing PredictionsTo kick off 2016, the Local Search Association (LSA) shared “24 Expert Predictions for Local Marketing in 2016” and it was one of our most popular pieces of content this year. The predictions explored the perspectives of local marketers representing media publishers, agencies, technology providers and more. Read More Here

Our Insights:  This post goes over some of the predictions for marketing for 2016.  It's a good read to look at what people said would happen and compare it to what actually happened.  Here, we are looking forward to the challenges that digital marketing will present in 2017, it's what keeps us at the top of our game and makes life interesting and profitable.


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