SEO This Week EP8 – SEO Power, Technical SEO, and Automation

The Technical SEO Renaissance: The Whys and Hows of SEOs Forgotten Role in the Mechanics of the Web technologies and their adoption are advancing at a frenetic pace. Content is a game that every type of team and agency plays, so we’re all competing for a piece of that pie. Meanwhile, technical SEO is more complicated and more important than ever before and much of the SEO discussion has shied away from its growing technical components in favor of content marketing. As a result, SEO is going through a renaissance wherein the technical components are coming back to the forefront and we need to be prepared. At the same time, a number of thought leaders have made statements that modern SEO is not technical. These statements misrepresent the opportunities and problems that have sprouted on the backs of newer technologies. Read More

Our Insights:  this is a wonderful article that starts off talking about the history of search and SEO then transitions into how the web has evolved over the years. Truthfully, this article is a bit long for the normal read, I personally think the author went on a bit of a tangent and could have divided it up into no less than ten separate articles because it reads like that is how he built it, separate articles smashed together.  A couple highlights that we enjoyed was the discussion on TF*IDF related terms, structured data, and page speed.


A Brief History of Search & SEO the history of SEO is kind of like trying to trace the history of the handshake. We all know it exists, and we know it’s an important part of business. But we don’t spend a ton of time thinking about its origins — we’re mostly concerned with how we use it day-to-day. But unlike the handshake, SEO is fairly young and changes frequently. Quite appropriately, it appears to be a millennial — its birth is predicted to fall somewhere around 1991. Read More

Our Insights: If you are a history buff I think you'll enjoy this post which is mainly for the entertainment of reading it.  It goes over the webs early beginnings and how search engines and search engine optimization have evolved over the years.

10 Top Internet Marketers Who Will Help You Keep Your Competitive Edge’s both as simple and as difficult as finding great content and sharing it with your audience. Read More

Our Insights:  There are plenty of marketers on the internet that you can gain information from and this list of 10 has some of those that we like to read more from and about.  The real key in picking a list of influencers in any market is finding people you resonate with and can understand.  After all, marketing at its core has not fundamentally changed and is still all about having the right product, at the right time, for the right price.


The SEO power of portfolio entries, case studies & testimonials – Search Engine Land SEO power of portfolio entries, case studies & testimonialsCreating content that answers the frequently asked questions in your industry may not be too difficult, but getting it found in search engines is not so easy if you are a small local player. Read More

Our Insights:  This is a great article for small business owners who don't have the type of market that falls in line with what we consider to be traditional content marketing.  For example, a plumber really only has so much to say about how to unclog a toilet so what are they supposed to do?  Consider doing some content on projects completed, case studies, or even leveraging testimonials to create content for your website.

Small but Mighty Marketing Tools Your Team Can Use Today does the explosion in marketing tech help your team get stuff done today? It doesn't. So until you evaluate, decide, deploy, integrate, and optimize your marketing stack, try these lightweight but useful tools that cost little and are simple to use. Read More

Our Insights:  Tools can be a tricky thing because it's so easy to collect a few hundred of them, even if you end only using maybe ten at any given time.  This post talks about some cheaper alternatives to different content marketing tools out there that you may not have the budget for right now.  One, in particular, Grammarly, is one we recommend to anyone writing content.

5 Ways Small Businesses can Benefit from Blogging helps expand your brand, your thought leadership and can actually pad your bottom line. Discover the 5 benefits of blogging for small businesses. Read More

Our Insights:  There are probably 50 reasons why every business should have a content marketing plan in place these days, yet for some reason we as service providers end up fighting this fight with clients and prospects on a daily basis.  So here are just 5 more reasons why you need to be blogging, yes even you Mr. Plumber.

Marketing Automation Best Practices with Peter Leshaw [PODCAST] Leshaw and Brent Csutoras discuss marketing automation: process flow, personalization, and how to go over and above what your clients need. Peter also shares his favorite tools to automate his processes. Read More



The Impact of Bad Customer Service Experiences [Infographic] 59% of US workers say they would not deal with a company again after one or two bad customer service experiences, according to recent research from OfficeTeam. Read More

Our Insights:  Customer service can be a tricky thing.  There are always going to be that 5% of your customer base who just drives you completely nuts with unrealistic expectations of what they consider good customer service and we typically recommend just cutting them loose and not letting them order again.  But for the other 95% of your customer base, you need to treat them like they are special, just like you would want to be treated, and they will keep coming back to your business over and over again.

The Marketer’s Guide to Gain Brand Mileage on Google Maps

Even other local businesses can publish local guides with custom maps and attract more prospects because good old content marketing always works.  Read More

Our Insights:  Remember that post about why you should be blogging?  Well, here is a way to create some awesome content with just a little bit of work (four letter word, gasp).


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