SEO This Week Episode 21 Data, Patents, On-boarding, and Conversions

SEO This Week Episode 21

10 Disciplined Approaches to Google Analytics live in a world of digital data. We create it. We consume it. It’s everywhere. And it’s accumulating at an unprecedented pace. In fact, experts predict that we’ll be adding 50,000 gigabytes every single second by 2018. Read More

Our Insights:  That Google Analytics dashboard is more than just a place to figure out how much traffic is coming to your site.  There are so many interesting, and useful, reports that you can create in order to tell you where you are doing things right and where you are completely missing the mark.  This post offers some ideas on how to look at that data and turn it into knowledge and action that will make you money.

Google Starting to Support Temporary Business Closings, Google is now partially supporting temporary business closures with a process and an appropriate messaging on the business Knowledge Panel. Read More

Our Insights:  I don’t know what you want to, but if you have the need to tell Google your business is going to be closed for an extended period of time there seems to be a way to do it.  From what I can tell the process is essentially manual, however, and since it’s not clear on how easy it would be to tell those same people you are open I would probably recommend that you don’t bother doing this unless you are closing for good.




Google Introduces a Social Where Next Suggestion Patent was granted a patent this week on offering recommendations or suggestions for places to go for members of social groups. A social group, such as a meetup group that may get together for social events, may use the internet to communicate and interact, and look to for recommendations on where to go next. Read More

Our Insights:  While not all patents come to fruition, it is interesting to learn more about what all those smart people at Google are thinking about in order to make our lives a bit more interesting with the help of technology.  This post talks about Google’s newest patent that potentially could make your next group meeting a whole lot better.  It could also be a good thing for businesses located close to sites where groups consistently congregate.

4 Ways to Successfully Onboard a New Client a new client is one of the best parts of running an agency. Seeing that signed contract come in is validation for all the early mornings, late nights and unhealthy volume of caffeine consumption. Read More

Our Insight:  Client on-boarding can be a tricky process sometimes, especially for an agency like our that offers custom “per client” marketing solutions, however, there are some things that can be systemized in just about everyone’s process to at least give you clients a good feeling about signing the dotted line.  This post offers 4 ways that you can do onboarding to make the process a bit smoother and some resources you might be able to leverage in order to make it all a process versus a challenge.

5 Inbound Marketing Hacks Your B2B Company is Missing Out On’s a common misconception that B2C marketers get to have all the fun. Learn how to kick off your B2B marketing shackles and grow your business with these five inbound marketing hacks, taken from six proven case studies with your peers. Read More

Our Insights:  Large or small, every business can leverage content marketing in some for or another with a bit of creativity.  This article provides five ways that your company can create content today and then leverage that in many different media forms.  There are also a couple good ideas about using your customers and employees to generate content on your behalf.  Both are great ways to build a culture in your team and clients that really highlights your brand and what it stands for.

Covert Conversion Hacking: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How to Spy on Your Website Visitors’ve seen the stats before. 1-2% conversion rates for websites. Which means 98-99% ain’t buying. For one reason or another. A bigger chunk of that is bouncing; leaving your site almost immediately after getting there. Read More

Our Insights:  We tell our clients even before we take them on that ranking or traffic doesn’t mean anything if you can’t convert those visitors into sales.  It’s actually a lot easier for a local business to do it, especially if you’re a contractor or lawyer for example because the conversion is them picking up the phone and calling you.  It gets a bit more complicated when you are trying to collect information or the sale right there on the site.  This post offers some ideas about what to look for on your website and how to diagnose conversion optimization issues in order to collect more leads, calls, and sales from your web property.

4 Powerful Marketing Tips for Your Small Business’s Chief Evangelist Norman Guadagno shares four marketing tips that are sure to help your small business grow.  Read More

Our Insights:  Many first-time business owners, including myself, tend to take on too much when first starting out, especially in our marketing campaigns.  This post offers some general advice on four things you can focus on in order to ensure that you are successful and have a little fun at the same time with your new venture.


OK Google, What Should I Know About Voice Search and SEO?’s consumer craves information, and they’re not particularly patient in terms of when they get it. They want information to be accessible and immediate. Where is the best pizza place in town? What is the weather forecast for this weekend? How do I get rid of ants in my kitchen? Read More

Our Insights:  It does not take a rocket scientist to know that search via voice devices is going to take a pretty important place in search and marketing as a whole.  With the proliferation of devices that are capable, there will be increased traffic for those business owners who leverage concepts that essentially increase targeting for voice search.  This article presents a general list of things you can do today to get on the voice search craze.

Why You Should Tag Your Inbound Links – Here’s Why #104 all the bets at a poker game get mixed up, how can you tell who’s winning? Proper attribution is essential for gambling stakes, and for your inbound links as well. Don’t gamble with guessing at what’s driving your traffic! Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why with Mark & Eric. Read More

Our Insights:  We don’t often share a video on the SEO This Week roll-up, however, this week we just could not miss the chance to offer up this great idea.  Plus, the video is pretty funny.

On a more serious note, this is something we are going to implement right away.  Think of this, you build links for clients (or yourself) and with UTM you can show clear proof right in Google analytics that your work is actually doing something.  It’s so simple, I can not believe that we have not implemented if before!


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