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Your website is the “online face” of your brand and company.  Regardless if you are looking for a site that supplements your primary source of revenue or you’re looking to create a new e-commerce based experience, your web design and its value can either increase site traffic or drive it away.  A site’s design is the reflection of the people behind it, and in order to create a reputable online reputation, design can not be ignored.

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Convert visitors into customers

Regardless if you are a dentist, lawyer, chiropractor, or real estate agent rankings and traffic mean nothing if your website design does not convert your visitors into leads or sales.  Our discovery process is designed to get into the mind of your current customers to learn what they are looking for when seeking you out. A designer will then build your website to attract and convert that customer.

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Modern Design & Development

Web design is critical in defining your brand online and is the foundation for your entire online presence and marketing.  Even the most basic HTML website design principles potentially can have large scale effects on your conversions and overall success in the marketplace.  With the evolution of web technologies, like HTML 5, companies must prioritize web design quality in a new way to leverage that tech that today’s consumer is expecting.

Our Process

Our web design process is a bit different than most because we really want to make sure your final product supports your overall standards and experience goals.


We hold two to three sessions with you to learn about your brand principles and goals.


We present your proposal live detailing what we learned in the discovery and how we can support your objectives.


We gather our graphic designers (some of the best graphic designers available) and draft several versions of your site to choose from.


After you approve the design we work with the graphic designers to develop and deliver your website using the software, templates, and tools chosen to work best.

Our Thoughts On Web Design and Development

Every business needs a website, but just existing on the web isn’t enough. Your pages need to be engaging, beautiful, and functional following best standards and practices in HTML and CSS code. It needs to immediately portray who you are and share what you’re all about.

Effective web design is the only way to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the benefits that the internet offers. We understand better than most Seattle web design companies that a one-size-fits-all approach to web design isn’t going to cut it. That’s why we focus on the tools and pages layout that makes your web experience one of a kind to design a site that’s uniquely you.

What Is Web Design?

Web design is arranging and presenting ideas and share information in an engaging, eye-catching way to draw people to your website and keep them there for awhile. Good web design can keep bringing people back to your site and help expand your organization. Great web designers can format a site so it can compel people to act, read, provide information, or to make a purchase increasing your marketing and improving your brand standards.

There are a lot of elements that go into effective web design. Layout, color, and graphics are all important because anyone visiting your site should be able to find the information they’re looking for easily. The layout should be balanced, graphics and typography should be eye catching without making the page too congested to read, and color should communicate the personality of the brand and organization.

Content is also an important part of web design. Your site not only has to be visually appealing, but it also has to say something. You don’t want to confuse or overwhelm the reader by providing too much text or irrelevant information, but you want to make sure that you’re giving them what they’re looking for. Text should be optimized for search engines and relatively brief while still providing as may detail as possible.

A website should also be user-friendly, which is a huge part of web design. The site HTML, JavaScript, and CSS should load quickly, all the links should work, and the user should never get an error message. Navigation needs to be carefully considered to make sure the reader can always find what they’re looking for without confusion or delay. Nothing should slow down your site or make it stop working as this will only result in users getting annoyed and leaving.

Video and audio can be included that will help provide information and keep visitors engaged; however, any media should not interfere with the website loading or the ability of the user to navigate the rest of the site. Additionally, an increasingly important part of web design and development is HTML and CSS compatibility. Everything, including video and audio, needs to work properly across all platforms and browsers, including mobile.

Why is Web Design Important?

Everyone has been to a website that isn’t very good. You find a site in the search results that looks promising, you click on the link, and you find out that it’s just a mess – you can’t find what you’re looking for, the graphics don’t make sense, the video that’s playing is preventing you from navigating anywhere else. You poke around for a maybe a minute or two trying to find what you came for, but then you give up and go back to your search results to find another site that might be easier to use.

This is why web design is important. The way a website looks and functions will determine how long the user stays and if they come back. The longer the user spends on your site, the more likely it is that they’ll buy something, reach out for a consultation, or sign up for a mailing list.

From a business perspective, a well-designed marketing website will prevent a lot of missed opportunities because it will keep customer’s on your page instead of looking at someone else’s. If you think your site is losing out to other similar Seattle businesses, we can help by designing you one that is more user-friendly and leverages specific marketing tools.

We take a lot of factors into consideration when we design a website, beyond just the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS based code development. First and foremost is organization. Everything should have a logical, consistent place. There should not be any filler, and everything should be aimed at clearly providing and presenting information to the user. There’s not a lot of time to make a first impression. If it takes too long to find something, users will move on to another site.

Another equally important aspect of web design is the look of the website. It should look unique, artistic, and interesting while still supporting usability. The design should help the user with navigation. Typography, empty space, images, and colors all work together to create a good visual design that will guide users to what they’re looking for.

A website needs also to convey a sense of what the company or organization is all about. It should communicate trust and professionalism, which will be different for each brand or business. For example, the website for a trendy Seattle coffee shop will give off a much different vibe than the website for the Museum of History and Industry. Your website should capture the essence of your business. We can help you do that.

How Web Design Helps Businesses

These days, businesses can’t really survive without a website. Having an internet presence provides the opportunity to reach cities, states, and even countries that you may have never been able to reach before. It vastly expands the number of potential customers and makes it easier for them to engage.

But getting visitors to your site isn’t enough – you need to keep them there for longer periods of time, and you need them to act. That’s what good web designer will do – keep visitors looking around your website, learning all they can about your services or product, and making a choice to buy what you’re selling.

There are several build strategies we use to keep visitors engaged. Your web pages never close, which means customers can find you anytime, day or night. If you’re selling something on your website, provide thorough information about your product. Have high-quality pictures of your items from all angles, include all the specifications and options. A website is the best way for potential customers not only to see what you’re selling but also to learn about why it’s the one they should buy.

Giving visitors a place to comment or ask questions will also help your organization. It allows you to interact directly with potential customers, answer any questions, provide more information, or preemptively solve a problem. Customer service is important, and if you show visitors that you’re willing to listen and offer assistance, they’ll appreciate it.

Another way web design can help you is by providing data about the site’s performance. Among other things, you can find out who is visiting, where they’re from, what time of day they’re looking at your page, and what items are the most popular. Then, this information can be used to tailor your site, even more, to take advantage of all of these things. You can easily find out what is working and what is not and then make the necessary HTML changes.

Good web design will share and encourage your customers to take action: buy a product, sign up for a mailing list, make a donation, call or email. The more engaged users are, the better.

Good Web Design Is Just Good Sense

It’s not enough just to have a web presence. Your website needs to keep people engaged and keep them coming back. We can take your unique needs and personality and a designer will design a website that will take full advantage of all we’ve gone over here. Remember, your website is representing you 24/7, even when you’re off the clock. Make sure it’s working as hard for you as it can.

Good web design can do a lot for you. We have the skills, templates, tutorials, testing software and certificates that can make it do more. When combined with the right user interface, hosting, SSL your original goals will be exceeded.

WhatClients Say

We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and several others.

  • Clint is a rare talent in the SEO and marketing space. He combines a deep knowledge of technical skill with an extremely analytic approach to his work. He adapts quickly to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing and is often times well ahead of the curve.
    He is meticulous, detail oriented and I trust him implicitly with any of my clients. He performs at a high level and consistently over-delivers. On a side note, he is the best in the business when it comes to website speed optimization...bar none. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. In fact, I hope we collaborate again soon.

    Scott Allen
    Scott Allen
    Kansas City SEO Group
  • Clint is the SEO ninja! His disciplined approach, employing the most current, safe and Google compliant methods gets results. Clint understands both disciplines, search engine marketing & how business works, so he tailors your business strategy to your objects.

    Bruce Selin
    Bruce Selin

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