Website Design Questionnaire

Thank you very much for considering Olympia SEO for your web design needs.

This form was designed to give us a head start in trying to determine exactly what you’re looking for. This will help us guide the conversation with you to ensure that we start the project with a complete understanding of what you want, and you have a complete understanding of what you’re going to get.

This allows us to prevent any undue confusion or or redesigns that have come up in the past when we first started taking on clients. It is our intention to make this as painless as a process as we can while delivering you a web property that truly represents your brand.

So without further ado here is the form:

Website Design Questionnaire

  • Accepted file types: png, ai, pdf, eps.
  • Clearly answer "Who I am," "What I do for my clients. The goal here is to figure our primary CTA or Call To Action"
  • This can be the same as #1 above: How are you different, or how is your offer different or "unique" and what sets you apart from your competition. See:
  • Example of good described benefit: "Our new battery means you only need to charge you phone every couple of days”
  • List 3 to 5 of your top services.
  • If all were mentioned in #3 just place a N/A in the answer field
  • Trust elements are: a) any client reviews b) awards you have received Local or National c) Honorable Mentions
  • Used for brand recognition
  • This could be a City, State, County, Township and, or Subdivision, for national just type the country name.
  • If none use N/A
  • If none use N/A
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.